I set up Costa Tropical Cycling in 2012 after moving to Almuñecar from my home country, Denmark. Jorn Dahl Sorensen

I rediscovered my passion for cycling in my 30s, when I was working as an engineer in Denmark. A friend suggested that I cycle to work, so I started commuting every day on a road bike. And when I realised that this had become the highlight of my day; I decided it was time for a change of career.

At the time, I went on a cycling holiday in Canada and discovered an amazing bike shop. I was so inspired; I decided to set up my own back in North Denmark.

So, along with a business partner, I set up a bike shop in the centre of a forest. The area was perfect for mountain biking, so we also did rentals and guided tours.

I continued working there for the next 7 years. And in the meantime, travelled all over the world on cycling trips to Cuba, Canada, Taiwan, Italy, France and Wales.

Almuñecar’s location in Granada, Andalucia gives it access to some of Europe’s best cycling. It’s only 1h drive from Malaga. There are incredible road bike climbs in the Sierra Nevada, Alpujarras and Almijaras. And there’s great terrain for mountain biking.

Fortunately, the weather is perfect for year-round cycling too. More than 300 days of sunshine a year. Come ride with us. You’re sure to love it here.

Hope to see you soon!

Jørn Dahl Sørensen